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At HUN-REN, we are dedicated to promoting research excellence, creating an appealing research environment, supporting the attraction and retention of talented researchers, and assisting in persuading those working abroad to continue their research in Hungary.

Young researchers

We offer training and development opportunities for young researchers, and support them in joining the domestic and international scientific community.

Experienced researchers

At the HUN-REN research sites, researchers with short, medium and long-term experience are able to benefit from a stimulating environment with continuously improving infrastructure, personal development opportunities, diverse domestic and international professional contacts, and recognition for their work.

Other positions

If you are not a researcher, but are interested in science and wish to contribute to great discoveries, you can support the work of researchers in your field of expertise at HUN-REN, thus promoting scientific advancement.

New Job Postings are available continuously at the HUN-REN research sites, please visit the links below for details.