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Pandemic history and freely accessible materials courtesy of BTK


Researchers at the Institute of History (TTI) of the Research Centre for the Humanities (BTK) have launched a series of articles about the history of ancient large scale epidemics. In addition to that, the Institute has made a number of publications, over seventy books, magazines, educational content, documents of international projects, available on their website for free. This offer will be extended further. The ‘Lendület’ Holy Crown Research Group of BTK TTI and FilmEver Stúdió have offered their documentary ‘In Search of the Holy Crown and National Coronation Treasures’ to the Educational Authority for online education. The Laboratory of Archaeogenetics of the Institute of Archaeology of BTK has sent a consignment of masks, protective gloves, overalls and protective footwear to the National Ambulance Service.


The Institute of Ethnology is presenting the ‘Epidemic Folklore’ project, a series of articles exploring how coronavirus became a folklore topic on Facebook. The Institute of Art History is offering a virtual online exhibition ‘Gifts from Ferenc Pulszky’, in co-operation with the Lutheran Central Museum. The Institute of Musicology has been modernizing its audio archive of a vast collection of folk songs from the past century. The Institute for Literary Studies has made music criticism documents of national classics available on its website. The Institute of Philosophy continuously updates its Hungarian Philosophy Archive, which offers digitalized documents and biographic data on the history of Hungarian philosophy to support remote research work.