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Prevention, cure, diagnosis – The role of TTK in combating the virus


The Research Centre for Natural Sciences (TTK) is one of the leading multidisciplinary institutions in Hungary, where outstanding scientific expertise in chemistry, biology, medical and psychology sciences is complemented by state-of-the-art research infrastructure. Leveraging the combination of these four disciplines and in cooperation with their existing university and industry partners they have launched several coronavirus-related projects in the field of prevention, treatment and diagnostics. In addition, TTK has been invited by the Operational Group and the Government of Hungary to lead one of the drug development consortium projects targeted at overcoming the COVID-19 virus infection.

The Medicinal Chemistry Research Group of TTK and virologist Dr. Krisztián Bányai, senior researcher at the Institute of Veterinary Medical Research of the Centre for Agricultural Research also participate in the work of the Coronavirus Research Action Group established by the Prime Minister. The Research Group was the first to identify the complete genetic code of the coronavirus and it is currently examining its infection mechanism and spread. Their objective is to define potential prevention steps and to develop efficient pharmaceuticals and treatments in the long run.