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Ceremonial inauguration of the SZTAKI Innovation and Demonstration Space


The Innovation and Demonstration Space, showcasing the latest research and developments of the ELKH Institute for Computer Science & Control (SZTAKI) was opened on June 7, 2022. Speaking at the ceremony were László Monostori, Director of SZTAKI, József Bokor, Vice President of the Eötvös Loránd Research Network, and László Palkovics, Minister of Technology and Industry. Researchers presented almost 20 technologies at the opening of the over 400 square metre space, including artificial intelligence systems, autonomous vehicles, drones and development projects in advanced robotics.

The Demonstration Space covers three main themes. It will present the developments of the two national laboratories coordinated by SZTAKI, the National Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence (MILAB), under the technical leadership of András Benczúr, and the National Laboratory of Autonomous Systems (NLAS), under the technical leadership of Péter Gáspár, as well as the research of the Industry 4.0 Center of Excellence, led by József Váncza, at the Széchényi University of Győr.

In his welcome speech, László Monostori, Director of SZTAKI, noted that in the Innovation and Demonstration Space, visitors, especially students and industrial players, can encounter the latest machines, methods and innovations developed within the framework of university or industrial partnerships. The institute’s researchers are involved in extensive national and international collaborations, with one of the most important international partners being the Fraunhofer research network in Germany.

In his speech, József Bokor, Vice President of ELKH, stressed that ELKH aims to maintain and strengthen these types of collaborations. He praised the role of the Demonstration Space in showcasing the latest innovations and thanked the colleagues who helped create it.

Minister of Technology and Industry László Palkovics said that based on SZTAKI’s half a century of experience in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, the technical management of national laboratories closely related to this topic is in the best hands at the Institute. He added that the solutions and potential AI applications presented at SZTAKI cover a very wide range of areas in manufacturing, healthcare, transportation and logistics. These sectors feature prominently in the Artificial Intelligence Strategy approved in 2020, and the offering provided by the Demonstration Space will be adapted accordingly. The Minister stressed that the Innovation and Demonstration Space, which is now being opened, can make a substantial and practice-oriented contribution to facilitating the transfer of modern technologies and to cooperation between researchers and users. The Ministry of Technology and Industry will be happy to support similar forward-looking initiatives in the future, emphasized László Palkovics.