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Gábor Tardos, researcher at Rényi Institute, sole Hungarian winner of European Research Council's (ERC) Advanced Grant application


Gábor Tardos, a researcher from the ELKH Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics (Rényi Institute), is the only Hungarian Advanced Grant winner of the European Research Council (ERC) with his application Effective Random Methods in Discrete Mathematics. The researcher has been awarded more than EUR 2 million in funding for his project, which aims to apply a previously developed algorithmic method and the underlying structures as widely as possible to better understand a number of different mathematical problems. The research work will start on October 1, 2022.

The European Research Council (ERC) operates the European Union's largest application system in order to support exploratory research, providing long-term attractive funding to support pioneering, high-risk but high-return research. This form of support is unique in several respects within EU research and development programs. The ERC program is open to leading researchers (Principal Investigators), with no restrictions on age, gender or country of origin, who are planning to carry out their projects in Europe. The only condition for the award of grants is scientific excellence. The ERC will give high priority to supporting excellent early-stage researchers at a critical stage in their independence as they develop and consolidate their own research team and research program.

In 2021, 1,735 researchers from 21 countries submitted Advanced Grant applications, of which a total of EUR 624 million was awarded to 253 leading researchers. Of the applications submitted, 762 fall into the category of Physical Sciences and Engineering (PSE), which includes mathematics, of which 110 were awarded.

Gábor Tardos is already the 11th researcher from the Rényi Institute that the ERC has decided is worthy of support. Congratulations and good luck with your project!

You can read further details on the ERC website. The full list of winners is available here.