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László Keviczky receives this year's Gold Medal from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences


The Hungarian Academy of Sciences Gold Medal has this year been awarded to László Keviczky, a researcher at the Institute for Computer Science & Control (SZTAKI) and a full member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, who has helped to advance science as a teacher, researcher, editor of a scientific journal, head of an institution and a member of several other professional organizations. The research professor at SZTAKI has produced significant results in the field of control theory and its applications, as well as in the automation of industrial processes and systems. In addition, he has greatly contributed to the development of a domestic research culture in systems and management theory and integrating it into the international scientific scene.

Three other researchers in the ELKH research network have also been honored with an award of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences:

  • Zoltán Bajnok, scientific advisor at the Wigner Research Centre for Physics, doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
  • Krisztián Bányai, Head of the “Lendület” Research Group on the Detection of New Pathogens at the Institute for Veterinary Medical Research, Centre for Agricultural Research,
  • and Tibor Neumann, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of History, Research Centre for the Humanities.
Zoltán Bajnok, Krisztián Bányai, Tibor Neumann