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HUN-REN Centre for Agricultural Research

The HUN-REN Centre for Agricultural Research (HUN-REN CAR) was established in 2012 through the merger of storied research institutes. Its research portfolio covers a wide range of fields within agricultural science, environmental management and environmental protection. Within its comprehensive scientific program, HUN-REN CAR seeks to create an organic unity between exploratory, targeted, methodological and applied research, as well as activities related to development and innovation. It participates extensively in domestic and international scientific collaborations with a wide range of partners, including higher education institutions and research institutes. HUN-REN CAR also engages in science communication and popularization activities, in which the unique scientific information centre “Agroverzum” plays a key role. The on-site Beethoven Memorial Museum and the summer Beethoven concert series, which has been organized in Martonvásár for more than 60 years, mark the commitment of HUN-REN CAR to the preservation of our cultural heritage.