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HUN-REN Institute of Earth Physics and Space Science

The geodetic and geophysical basic research at the Institute extends to the observation, modeling and interpretation of the physical status and processes of the Earth’s system; the development of related theoretical (mathematical and physics-related) and experimental methods and test instruments.

The responsibilities covered by the Institute’s basic activity include the continuous observation of the solid Earth and the space around the Earth (geodynamics, geomagnetism and aeronomy); the operation of the na­ti­onal seismological network and service; the provision of data associated with international cooperation; and the operation of periodic surveillance systems.

In connection with fundamental research programs, the Institute participates in the exploration of natural resources, the scientific analysis of natural hazards and the protection of critical infrastructures in Hungary and Europe.

Recently initiated new research fields include research of the deep layers of the solid Earth; research of the impact of the Sun-Earth interaction on global changes; research in the field of space geodesy with focus on developing radar interferometry technologies and their application for geodynamic purposes, which revolutionize the observation of surface movements.