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The role of IEM in the fight against the pandemic


The leaders and researchers of the Institute of Experimental Medicine (IEM) are supporting the fight against the pandemic in several projects. They are able to make use of their widely recognized expertise in pharmacology and pharmaceuticals based on many decades of cooperation with healthcare providers and industrial partners. Furthermore, they are also assisting the work of a number of professional bodies and the authorities by providing professional training sessions, participating in leadership roles and consulting. They are also participating in the official communication process on the coronavirus epidemic.

As the leader of the clinical team, an expert from IEM is participating in the project led by the Research Centre for Natural Sciences for the development and application of a drug to combat the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Earlier research conducted by IEM revealed the mechanisms of the effects of viral infections on the nervous system. Based on the available data on the coronavirus infection, the scientists of the Neuroimmunology Research Group hypothesize that abnormalities in the nervous system play a crucial role in the development of serious complications. Moreover, the effects of the infection on the nervous system may significantly determine the development of the illness and the chances of survival. To prove this hypothesis scientifically, human tests are required, for which the preparatory steps have been made.

In cooperation with Semmelweis University (SOTE), Femtonics Ltd., a IEM spin-off company, has developed a ventilator to treat patients in a critical condition. The device, which can be used in isolation hospitals, can be operated with ease even by staff with little experience in artificial respiration. The invention is due to be patented soon.