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Roland Jakab re-elected as President of the Hungarian AI Coalition


Once again, the CEO of the HUN-REN Hungarian Research Network has been elected to lead the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Coalition in Hungary. The coalition's goals include improving the competitiveness of Hungarian SMEs and the national economy, as well as discussing educational and ethical issues related to AI technologies.

Jakab Roland

Formed in October 2018 with the participation of 70 Hungarian and international companies, universities, scientific workshops, and professional and public administration organisations, the Hungarian AI Coalition now has 500 members and a thousand AI experts. It operates through six working groups: Data Industry and Data Assets, Applications and Market Development, International Relations, Education and Awareness, Regulation and Ethical Frameworks, and Technology and Security.

The goal of the coalition is for Hungary to become a European leader in AI development, thereby becoming an important member of the international AI community. Another key mission is to organise an 'awareness campaign' about related technologies, bringing AI-based solutions for everyday use closer to society. The AI Coalition has played a significant role in developing Hungary's Artificial Intelligence Strategy, is involved in its implementation and review, and in analysing the social and economic impacts of the spread of AI.

Roland Jakab, the founding President of the AI Coalition, was re-elected at the coalition's recent plenary session and will lead the organisation for another year.

Roland Jakab is passionate about promoting the opportunities provided by AI. For this purpose, he initiated the AI Ambassador Programme and the AI Action Plan within the HUN-REN Hungarian Research Network. The CEO envisions the network becoming a flagship for the use and dissemination of AI technologies, thereby contributing to improving the research network's overall performance. Following the March meeting for research site leaders, the regular AI Action Plan workshops include face-to-face discussions among the nineteen AI ambassadors from different institutions, providing HUN-REN leadership with a first-hand view of the current state of AI solutions use. The long-term objective is to have one data scientist expert per research area within the HUN-REN Headquarters, whom researchers can call on to help plan the AI support for their research.