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Strategic vision, innovation, impact, and the significance of collaborations were key concepts at the third HUN-REN Strategic Workshop, held on 20-21 March 2024. The event featured numerous distinguished speakers discussing the comprehensive...
The new volume of the popular science pocketbook series titled ’Kaleidoscope Books’, launched in 2022 in collaboration between the HUN-REN Hungarian Research Network, Libri Publishing, and the Hungarian Culture Foundation, is now available in Libri..
gátló idegsejtek
Using state-of-the-art neuroanatomical, physiological and computational cell modelling techniques, a research team led by Gábor Nyiri at the HUN-REN Institute of Experimental Medicine (HUN-REN IEM) has created the most detailed models to date of...
Researchers from the Nuclear Analysis and Radiography Department of the HUN-REN Centre for Energy Research (HUN-REN EK-CER NAL) have prepared hundreds of pages of reports providing the basis for the guideline for the design of radiation-resistant...
HUN-REN presents revolutionary AI opportunities to the whole country
At least one in a dozen stars show evidence of planetary ingestion according to a paper published recently in Nature, co-authored by Dr. Meridith Joyce, a Marie Curie Widening fellow at Konkoly Observatory of the HUN-REN CSFK...
novenyi virusrezisztencia
Scientists at the Plant Protection Institute of the HUN-REN Centre for Agricultural Research (HUN-REN CAR) have characterized a novel aspect of biochemical processes governing plant virus resistance.
Researchers at the Institute of Technical Physics and Materials Science of the HUN-REN Centre for Energy Research (HUN-REN EK-CER) are investigating the electrical, magnetic, and catalytic properties of metal nanoclusters with novel structures...
Researchers at the Institute for Soil Sciences at the HUN-REN Centre for Agricultural Research (HUN-REN CAR) developed a national 3D soil hydrology database, called HU-SoilHydroGrids, which opens up possibilities for countrywide applications and...
The association between accelerated aging, gut flora composition, and physical fitness was examined in an international study with the participation of Csaba Kerepesi, a research fellow at the HUN-REN Institute for Computer Science and Control
At the initiative of Roland Jakab, CEO of the Hungarian Research Network, the HUN-REN Headquarters organised its first workshop for institution leaders, which began with an introduction by President Balázs Gulyás. The event, where the leaders were...
Researchers from the Agricultural Institute of the HUN-REN Centre for Agricultural Research (HUN-REN CAR), in collaboration with colleagues from the Olomouc Institute of Experimental Botany (Czech Republic), have developed a new marker-assisted