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Researchers of the Plant Protection Institute at the Centre for Agricultural Research and the spinoff company of the Institute of Experimental Medicine received Innovation Prize


Two of the research institutes operating under the umbrella of the Eötvös Loránd Research Network have received an award in the 28th Hungarian Innovation Grand Prize competition, in recognition of their achievements and innovations in 2019.

In addition to performing basic research at highest level, the facilitation of the widest social and economic impact of research results, as well as the promotion of innovation based on those results also represent essential part of the mission of ELKH research network. The Hungarian Innovation Grand Prize competition looking back on a history of almost three decades provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the achievements in the field of innovation. This prestigious award is a valuable recognition of outstanding performance in the broader professional community.

ELKH is very proud of its prize winning members who help to promote ELKH in Hungary and around the world as a research network, engaged in outstanding innovation in addition to high-quality basic research.

The 2019 Innovation Prize ‘From research to the market’ by the National Research, Development and Innovation Office was presented to Femtonics Research and Development Ltd. for their state-of-the-art microscope developed to support cutting edge neuroscience applications.

Femtonics Ltd. – the spinoff company of the Institute of Experimental Medicine – has won the award for its Femto3D ATLAS laser scanning 3D microscope. The equipment relies on over 40 patents and uses state-of-the-art imaging technology. Designed and manufactured in Hungary, this microscope has more than a thousand optical, mechanical and electronic components. Its spatial measurement speed is over one million times faster than that of similar equipment models commercially available. The increased speed enables measuring rapid physiological activity patterns in the brain, heart or other organs in 3D.


In addition to basic research, the device is primarily used to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic methods. Among the customers of Femtonics Ltd., we can find the most prestigious universities in the world, including Columbia University and New York University. In past decade, Femtonics Ltd. increased its sales tenfold

The 2019 Innovation Prize by the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office was presented to the Plant Protection Institute of the Centre for Agricultural Research (ATK NÖVI) for their innovations in the CSALOMON® pest trap product line launched 25 years ago.


In the insect world, fragrance orientation plays a decisive role, well complemented by vision and other perceptual modes. With the optimal combination of scents and visual stimuli, pests can be attracted to traps ten, hundred or even thousand times more effective than using non-optimized or lure-free traps.

Over the past 25 years the Plant Protection Institute of the Centre for Agricultural Research has developed special trapping methods for more than 190 pest insect species, which can prevent pest damage by spraying at the right time at minimal cost, or even no spraying. This targeted plant protection method significantly reduces the use of pesticides resulting in material cost savings. At the same time the environmental impact can be reduced and healthier crops can be cultivated. In 2019 the CSALOMON® trap product line had over 3,000 customers in Hungary and abroad. Research and development continues at the institute amongst international interest.