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We are continuously receiving pledges from ELKH research sites to support Ukrainian researchers


In response to the shocking events in Ukraine, the Eötvös Loránd Research Network Secretariat has made an appeal to the members of the network to support researchers in difficulty. Offers are continuously arriving to the specially created email address from institutions pledging jobs, accommodation and monetary donations.

The Centre for Agricultural Research has offered one three-room and two two-room apartments, as well as a three-bed room and a two-bed room.

The Institute for Nuclear Research has offered both accommodation and employment to colleagues arriving from Ukraine.

The Balaton Limnological Research Institute has offered a guest researcher position to Ukrainian researchers by joining the "Global Research Groups Supporting Ukrainian Scientists" civil initiative. It is able to offer two apartments, as well as helping family members in finding work, schooling and with interpreting services.

The Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences has offered six-month guest researcher scholarships – for one astrophysicist and three geographers – and is providing them with accommodation in the MTA Domus guesthouse.

The Institute of Experimental Medicine offers a six-month fixed term guest research position to three researchers interested in neurobiology, with an option to be extended if necessary.

The Centre for Economic and Regional Studies has offered two full-time guest research positions by joining the "Global Research Groups Supporting Ukrainian Scientists" civil initiative.

The Hungarian Research Centre for Linguistics has offered employment to Hungarian researchers from Transcarpathia. A linguist from the Ferenc Rakoczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian College of Higher Education fled to Hungary has already been hired, and the center is open to provide further support as required.

The Centre for Ecological Research can accommodate two families in its guest apartments, for whom it will also provide food, sanitary supplies and clothing as required. If necessary, it can also offer up its auditoriums for accommodation, as well as providing office and laboratory space and equipment.

The Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics will provide six-month guest research positions to two mathematicians.

The Institute for Computer Science and Control has pledged to provide work and, if necessary, accommodation for colleagues arriving from Ukrainian partner institutions.

The Biological Research Centre has made available two guest researcher placements of a year each, while Biocenter Kft., a company owned by the research centre, has donated HUF 5 million to Ukranians in need.

As part of its guest researcher program, the Centre for Social Sciences has offered two scholarships of six months each to Ukrainian researchers.

We are grateful for the togetherness and support of the research sites and continue to welcome pledges to the email address created for this purpose. We all hope that peace will be restored in Ukraine as soon as possible.