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The ELKH Secretariat organized an ERC assessment forum for researchers in the network with the objective of promoting successful ERC grant applications


With regard to the European Research Council (ERC) program, the Eötvös Lorand Research Network Secretariat (ELKH Secretariat) held an assessment forum for researchers in the network. The event, organized by the Cabinet for International Affairs, attracted great attention as a panel discussion with participation of ERC assessment experts from the research network was on the agenda. The objective of the ELKH Secretariat with organizing the forum was to introduce the assessment process for ERC grant applications, as well as to promote the experience and knowledge sharing between research sites, thereby also supporting successful grant applications within ELKH. The event was part of a series of events of the ELKH Secretariat aimed at introducing the Horizon Europe application assessment process.

The three expert assessors invited to the event were psychologist Ilona Kovács, who is Head of the ELKH-ELTE-PPKE Adolescent Development Research Group, neurobiologist László Acsády, Scientific Vice Chair of the ELKH Institute of Experimental Medicine, and historian Sándor Horváth, Senior Research Eellow at the ELKH Research Centre for the Humanities. At the forum, the assessors shared their latest experiences, giving participants an insight into the assessment process of ERC grant applications and the work of the assessment panels. The experts also shared key features of successful and unsuccessful applications, as well as the similarities and differences between the assessment panels covering the individual scientific disciplines. Also participating in the event as a specialist collaborator was Ágota Dávid, Hungary’s Science and Technology attaché in Brussels, as well as Katalin Borvölgyi, EU technical representative of the MTA Secretariat International Contacts Division.